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From Wikipedia:
Sindhi food is the cuisine of the Sindhi people. The daily food in most Sindhi households consists of wheat-based flat-bread (phulka) and rice accompanied by two dishes, one gravy and one dry.

Some of the more popular Sindhi foods include:

Kutti (Mashed Roti(Bread)with sugar and butter)
Lolo or Mithi Loli (Sweeter version of koki (see below) - also made if you get chicken pox (Hindu))
Ku-ini Kich-anee (Sindhi comfort food. A porridge like dish made with rice and served with yogurt)
Chhola Dhabal (baked bread with chick peas in thick gravy)
Ka-raw-o (religious offering made with flour, ghee and sugar)
Bhat - (porridge, usually given to a sick child, but popular at all times)

Seyal Mani (Cooked Chappati in green sauce with tomato, corriander and spices).
Seyal Dab-roti (variation of above, but instead of Chappati, use bread)
Koki or Loli (a thick chappati with ghee, onion and coriander).
Loli Du-dh (as above, but served with yogurt. Some Sindhis will eat Loli with pickles, but many Sindhis don't consider it good form to to mix yogurt and pickles). This is a popular dish served at breakfast or brunch.
Pappad (a crisp and thin snack. Sindhi will generally eat this after a meal to digest food and in particular after an oily meal).
Dhodo Chutney (A thick roti with garlic paste and served with mint chutney)
Sai Bhaji (a spinach based gravy, sai means green - the colour of spinach)
Bugha Chawar (a browned rice)
Bhugal Bheeha (lotus root in thick curry)
Dhangi Fulko (moong beans with roti)
Curry Chawal (a tomato curry eaten with white rice - served with aloo took, a potato cutlet)
Besan ji Bhaji (vegetable made of gram flour)
Bhugal Teewarn (a mutton dish)
Jera & Bhukiyoo (Fried liver, Kidney of goat)
Dal Tikkhar (daal yellow pulses) cooked in gravy eaten with crisp fried very thin matthi)
Bhugge Chawal ( rice cooked in flavoured spices beige/ golden brown in colour with vegetable assortments)
Pava (goats legs)
Pakkwan Dal (lentil and solid crunchy puri)
Curry Chawal (It's Kathi Curry eaten with Rice

Desserts or Sweets or Drink
Varo (India sweet made with pistachio, almonds or other nuts)
Moomthal (Indian sweet)
Khi-r-ni (hot drink made with milk with flavours of cardamoms and saffron)

carrot pickle
mango pickle
mix fruit pickle
green chilli pickle

Food for Special Occasions
There are food that are served during special occasions, such as during Diwali a Bahji with seven vegetabels is made. If some gets chicken pox and after it is gone, it is common to make an offering and make 'mitho lolo'.

Vermicelli is served on both Eids.On special religious occasions, mitho lolo, accomapanied with milk is given to the poor.