Easy Gluten-Free Recipes

A diagnosis of gluten intolerance / celiac disease does not mean you have to forgo your favourite foods. Once you get the hang of it, gluten-free cooking and baking is a cinch - really!

- be kind and supportive
- share your favourite free recipes
- specify the flour blend that you use (commercial or home-mixed)
- post flour blend ideas as a "File" (be sure to name the blend so it is distinct from others)
- ask questions
- share ideas

- advertise or spam post
- promote paid services
- post recipes with gluten ingredients
- criticize others' food choices

Feel free to ask questions and share ideas - but NO spam or advertising please (even advertising for GF products and services). This is a community for free sharing of ideas and experiences. Repeat offenders will be blocked.

Please be kind and supportive. Recognize that others may make different food choices than you do. We have had an influx of people who eat GF for health reasons (other than celiac disease and gluten intolerance), and that's great. But many others eat this way by necessity, and not everything we eat and share may be "healthy" by others' definition. That's OK too. ALL GF recipes are welcome here.