Morehead State Psi Chi

Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology and was founded September 4, 1929 at the Ninth International Congress of Psychology at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. In addition to recognizing academic achievement, Psi Chi provides unique opportunities for student research, publication, education, and participation in the field of Psychology, as well as providing opportunities for public service locally and nationally.

The National Psi Chi organization provides recognition for outstanding achievement by students and faculty advisors through the granting of awards. Psi Chi also makes available research grants for student projects as well as opportunities for publication in the Psi Chi Journal of Undergraduate Research and presentation of papers at National Conventions. A subscription to the magazine, Eye on Psi Chi, is provided with membership.

According to our chapter's charter, "The purpose of the organization shall be primarily to advance the science of Psychology; and secondly, to encourage, stimulate, and maintain scholarship of the individual members in all academic fields, particularly in Psychology." The charter for the Morehead State University Chapter of Psi Chi was issued April 24, 1979.

What each local chapter accomplishes is up to the individual chapter and its members. Psi Chi can provide more than just "resumé enhancement"; Psi Chi can provide substantial benefits both for the students of Morehead State University and the surrounding community. If you have ideas that will help us better able to fulfill our goals as an organization, please contact an officer or a faculty advisor. Our accomplishments are up to us!

Since Psi Chi is an honor society, membership is exclusive and is granted upon meeting the criteria for membership. The qualifications for membership as established by the national organization are a minimum GPA of 3.00 and rank in the top 35% of your class; that is, even if your GPA is above the minimum 3.00, membership is granted only when your ranking is in the top 35%. Upon application, your GPA and class standing will be confidentially verified with the Office of the Registrar only by one of the Psi Chi faculty advisor. To apply for membership, please obtain an application from the envelope on the bulletin board outside of the Psychology Department at Ginger Hall 601 or apply to one of the faculty advisors listed below. Currently, there is a one time registration fee $35.00 submitted to the Psi Chi national organization, and yearly chapter dues of $10.00.

If you qualify, we invite you to accept membership in recognition of your scholastic achievement. We look forward to your participation in Psi Chi and to helping you reach your goals.