Forever St James' Park

I'm not sure if this will be a pointless endeavour but I felt the need to at least give this a try! Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias have recently announced they will be calling St. James' Park "The Sports Direct something something" in an attempt to generate advertising revenue. I suggest that if everyone just continues to call the home of Newcastle United by its true name then what is the point of selling the advertising rights and maybe the less enlightened owners will get the hint! St. James' Park has been called St. James' Park longer than anyone has been alive on this Earth, who do the Newcastle United ownership think gave them the right to change the name of one of the oldest grounds in the Premier League! Some things are sacred, would you rename Stonehenge the "O2 Rock Circle" or Buckingham Palace renamed as "Tesco's House"? I think not! Please let everyone know about this group, even if they are not a fan of Newcastle United, as greedy, moneygrabbing types need to know there are things they can't make a quick buck on!