Oil City East End Fountain 2012

The inspiration for this project came from 3 Year - old Aubrey Jo Deemer. She was unhappy that the fountain was broken and Aubrey wanted her "pop" to fix it for her. John J. Deemer (" Pop" ) local contractor donated materials and his mento do the repairs to the fountain before the city made it a demolition project. John than asked the City of Oil City permission to start a task force to design and raise the funds to build a new Fountain in the east end. When council approved Johns Request, John turned to long time friend Phil Deets of Deets Mechanical to help him take on this task. Phil thought what a privilege to be a part of this project and said he was in even before John finished asking him. Over the first few weeks John and Phil brain stormed about a design and how it would impact the east end. In those first few day's, John thought long and hard about who he wanted on what council dubbed the" Design and Leadership Task Force" for the East End Fountain. Johns pick for Co-Chair was Phil for what he brings to the table . His williness to help recreated the area into a land mark that will last 100 plus years and his knowledge of Plumbing systems and what it takes to build it to last. John than needed someone that could bring his task force and the City Goverment end of things into the project, He also needed that person to also have a drive to help make this project happen. And that Person was Councilman Lee Mehlburger, Lee came forth and Volunteered his services to John right after John ask Oil City Council to allow him to take on this task. John now had 3 of 5 members needed for the Task Force. John than ask Long Time Business Man and friend John has a lot of respect for Lou Kraft of Kraft Concrete to be a part of the task force. John wanted a member on the task force that not only Loved Oil City like him but had a back ground in Concrete and what can be done with concrete, John values Lou's knowledge and respects him and what he has done for Oil City. John than was looking for someone that was knowledgeable in pulling everyone together and helping with the leadership part of the committee and that person John felt was Mike Morrison, Someone not new to this type of project as far as knowing how to pull people and resource from the community and as John said Mike knows most everybody Dead or Alive and he was hoping Mike could help us all complete this project.

John now had his task force of 5 members completed, now he need to start a sub committee to help bring everything together.

The Sub Committee Task force is comprised of new faces as well as some older ones. They are Joy Deemer , Linda Schell , Leah Gesing, Suzette Nellis, Linda Morrison, Wendy Gawry, Ed Hartle, Jerry Nellis, Jim Donze, Joe Pastor and Tom Mohnkern, All of these people bring alot to the table for this project and they all are committed to see this project come to life. Everyone on the committee has one goal and that is to Make this happen for the people of Oil City Past, Present and Future, where ever they may be . John wants all that Donate to know that if you give a penny or more you can say Hey!! I helped build the East End Fountain for me, my friends and family. And believe me every penny counts. So please give what you can. and Thanks !!!