Charleston Playgroup

Charleston Playgroup is an invitation-only group; current members can invite friends to join. We do this not to be closed minded or anti-social, but because this is not an open forum. We gather together often, posting addresses and photos of our children that we would rather not share publicly.

This is a no-drama zone. We have parents who parent in all kinds of ways, and we do not profess to follow one particular way over another. We respect one another's opinions and beliefs.

Every few months, the admins will weed out non-participants, as we want to get to know you -- face to face -- or at least engage you in conversation.

This group was started as an effort to bring mamas of young children together, for friendship, for advice and for a sense of community. Too often, mothers can feel isolated. This group serves as an answer to that.

Anyone can post an event from the group. If you are interested in hosting a playgroup at your home, we ask that the host moms provide food and drinks for the mamas and kids. All ages are welcome to attend a playgroup, unless the host mom is uncomfortable with having babies or toddlers at her home. Or if you'd like to post an event meetup at a park, the children's museum, the beach, the aquarium or anywhere else, feel free! If you have any questions, please ask administrators Amber Allen, Bridie Alexander Menendez, Emily Thompson Fuller or Betsy Reves Sidebottom for advice.

Thanks! And welcome! :)