Argyle, Flower Mound, Lantana, Highland Village Online Garage Sale

This is a place where residents of Argyle, Lantana, Double Oak, Bartonville, Copper Canyon, Denton, Flower Mound and Highland Village can BUY/SELL/GIVE AWAY items.

How to Join:
1. Must be a CURRENT resident of Argyle, Lantana, Double Oak, Bartonville, Copper Canyon, Denton, Flower Mound or Highland Village.
2. If your profile does not show what city you in, please send a message to an admin including your full address in order to be added to the group.
3. Only residents in these areas will be approved.

2. Please post with integrity, no nudity or profanity.
3. BE NICE. If you don’t have anything good to say, please do not comment at all. Being rude or degrading in anyway will not be tolerated.
4. Firearms or weapons: CANNOT be sold on this site. This is a Facebook Group rule.
5. Animals: You may post an animal for adoption if you’re trying to find a home for a beloved pet. These posts should be removed as soon as the animals have found new homes. The Sale of animals as a business is not permitted.
6. No Links: No links to off Facebook sites are allowed, especially to your Craigslist ad. Links are the number one way viruses are spread on FB. Do not link to the BST group you just created. It’s rude to recruit members from here to your group.
7. No pills, wraps, essential oils, work from home, makeup lines, or multi-level marketing.
8. No business, advertising or service ads.
9. If you create, build, paint, restore, or hand make items and you are located in the area feel free to post an item. If you have multiple items, please create an album.
10. Items purchased or sold must be dropped off or picked up in the cities listed under this group unless otherwise agreed on by the parties involved.

1. Please post a sale price, clear pics, condition and description of the item(s).
2. First come first serve is not allowed. Please give buyers reasonable amount of time to pick up item.
3. Photo: If you have more than one photo, please make an album.
4. BUMP: You can bump your item no more than once every 24 hours and up to a week.
5. Any item that is older than a week and has had no activity will be deleted.
6. Accept buyers in order of “interest”.
7. If you have a low priced item and it does not sell- please don’t keep reposting it (unless you’re posting it for FREE).
8. CROSS POSTED: if posting is listed on more than one group
9. DELETE POST: Once item sells please

1. Please be considerate of sellers.
2. INTERESTED or WANT: write “interested” or “want” if you’re interested in an item. If you have a question about the item ask after stating interest.
3. PASS: If after asking you decide against purchasing please write "PASS"
4. LIKE: DO NOT USE the “like” symbol. It will not hold your place in line of interest.

Owner: John Rafizadeh
Admin: Amanda Carol Johnson,
Reyhan Basar,
Rebekah Parker,
Sarah Amoona.