ChiChester/Boothwyn/MarcusHook Online Yardsale

Happy Shopping!!!(: ***NEW RULES***
-If adding 3 or more photos of a item please use a collage to save space so other sellers post do not get bumped to the bottom.

-Items must be bumped every 48 hours or will be deleted.

-If meeting with someone please give 12-24 hour notice if you are unable to meet due to unexpected changes in plans. If you no show 2 times or more you will be banned. If you are suppose to meet with someone but aren't able to , DO NOT BLOCK THEM. If it is reported that someone blocked someone else that person will be banned from the group.

-Items that are scratched, stained, or have a odor are not to be sold.

-ALL post must include photo,price, location, size, expiration date, etc.

-NO BIDDING ALLOWED! OBO is not a price. Name a price! However you are allowed to put ($25 but will take $20).

-Anyone In Violation Of These Rules Will Be Warned Twice Then Banned.

Thank You.

Johnna Brown & Rebecca Lee

Happy Shopping(: