WELCOME ALL NEW COMERS! JUST SO YOU KNOW, THIS IS THE ''ORIGINAL LITTLE LEAGUE FOOTBALL''. THIS IS THE GROUP THAT TORE DOWN ENEMY LINES. EVERY LEAGUE COMMUNES, THE NORTH, THE SOUTH, UPPER FLORIDA AND SOUTH FLORIDA. OTHER STATES AS WELL. IT ALL COMES TOGETHER HERE. THIS IS A GROUP FOR COACH'S PARENTS, FAMILY, FANS, ETC.. ANYTHING INVOLVING LITTLE LEAGUE FOOTBALL. ''ANY LEAGUE, ANY TEAM, ANY POUND''. LETS TALK SPORTS,TRUTHS, FACTS, RUMORS, SMACK, OR JUST PLAIN OLD BRAGGING AND BOASTING. BUT PLEASE NOTHING PERSONAL! So as coaches, mentors, And or adults lets try and show class, and great sportsmanship win lose or draw. It's about the kids... New Rules: This is not a group for you to use as your personal business promotion! Any promoting other than the content of this group will be deleted, NO CHILDREN PLEASE! Anyone without a profile picture will not be added as a member etc... You wanna talk smack, brag, boast then show your face. Welcome, and Enjoy..