Augusta Gun Swap

The private sale of firearms is regulated in most locations, and may even be prohibited. In some locations, a background check may be required prior to transfer. Please ensure that you are following laws that apply to you. Learn more:

Augusta Gun Swap is a group for gun people to network with other gun people.
Use this group to sell or swap all sorts of gun related items.


-All listings must include all information for the product for sale or barter: (make, model, caliber, condition, accessories included, price, trade yes or no and any additional information.)


- Only guns, gun stuff, ammo and ammo stuff will be posted. Other items can be offered for trade on someone's post, however, they cannot be the original posting.

- Only private party sales or barters. Locally owned small businesses may post one business related post per week.

- Posts MUST include location or they will be DELETED

- All posts must be local to the CSRA area or willing to come to the CSRA area to make a sale (Example someone from Atlanta driving to Augusta for a transaction.)

- Members cannot BLOCK ADMIN of the page. If we determine that have they will be BANNED.

- Any issues need to be addressed with an admin. See Rob Gregory, Kevin Stokes, or Chris Rodich if you need assistance.

- Please be honest with your posts as far as description goes.
- BE CIVIL with each other with your comments! Not everyone agrees with everything, so keep in mind we are here to network and share our love for guns, not to get in a word war.
- Members can be banned or removed if they fail to follow these simple rules.
- We want everyone to participate and feel welcome. However, this isn't Craigslist. Please do not post your old weed eater or fish tank hoping someone will want to trade firearms for them. You may post what you are looking for. If someone has what you are looking for please feel free to offer up your fish tank but please do it privately.
- Augusta Gun Swap, it's moderators and administrators make no warranty as to any transaction generated between any parties resulting from exposure to the group's page. Additionally, group members are responsible to follow all federal, state and local laws pertaining to firearms. Any suspicious activity should be reported to the ATF immediately at 1-800-ATF-GUNS.

THANK YOU to our positive members who support this group and use it to its full potential.