You're probably from Escanaba if......

WELCOME to "You're Probably From Escanaba if....."

This group is devoted to Escanaba, Michigan.....past, present and future. It's a place where memories are shared. A place to reminisce.

The comments, conversation, pictures, and ideas present here allow us all to share, with love, our thoughts about, for and memories of our lives in Escanaba. This is a group to admire the past and laugh about it but perhaps turn those sacred memories into brilliant ideas for the future and the next generation. Let's work together to make this group a central place where can use community conversation to create a positive future for the place we all love. Lets have a rational and positive conversation with each other that never ends, sharing the love that we have for our hometown. Escanaba is an amazing little city. Maybe we can make it a little better! :)

Please have the same manners and respect for each other here that you would out there in the real world. Don't forget: how we, as a community, present ourselves here, is how we present ourselves to the rest of the world. Its greatly appreciated. You are all welcomed into the conversation! Thank you!