Greater Manchester People's Alliance

● We are a loose alliance of Socialists, Greens, Trades Unionists and other progressives based in the Greater Manchester area who initially started to work together in the run up to the May 2010 elections

● We are wanting to build on this past co-operation and to continue working closely together in the future.

● In the shorter term we are wanting to help promote the greatest possible unity in opposition to the cuts in jobs, services and living standards that the Government and private employers are wanting to foist on us in order to pay back the £billions borrowed to bail out the banks during the recent global financial crisis and which have been added to since then as a result of the economic recession caused by the banking crisis.

● In the medium and longer term we want to work together to help develop a broad, democratic and pluralist, progressive pro-majority of the people alternative to the wars, cuts, privatisation, falling living standards, growing unemployment, moral corruption and environmental destruction of our present day global economic and political set up.

● We want to help promote such in our local communities, in our trades unions and at the ballot box in future elections across the new Manchester City region and beyond.