Iroquois alumni game

Gentlemen i know alot of you probably have alot of questions, so ill try to answer as many as i can with the limited info we have so far. A little while ago i was made aware that a alumni football association had been putting together huge games all across the country with rival schools, but its not the high schoolers who play, its the guys that made that game famous, the alumni play. They put together 500 games across the country last year, including permian vs west texas (friday night lights), and st. exavier (ohio) vs. that other beast team from ohio lol. Make no mistake, this IS NOT FLAG OR TWO HAND TOUCH. This is full contact high school rules football. I found out last week they decided to do ny this year as well, and they were looking for what section to do across the state. well yesterday they announced it would be section 6 and section 5! within a few hours the guy that will be running NY games, as well as ohio, and PA, called me and said listen i know what games i want to do. He said the TNT game, The kenmore east vs west, Canisus vs. st. joes, a few others and last but not least Iroquois vs. sweethome. They are only gonna do so many games this year so the first teams with full rosters will get the games. TNT games the rosters are already full in 1 day, all the other teams are filling up as well. Boys everyone wanted to go back and play 1 more game not as a hs child but as a grown ass man, well we have a chance to suit up in the white and red with scott rolo as our coach and play one last game together and alot of us playing together for the first time for the younger guys. I couldnt think of a cooler thing to do this summer then to strap up with your old high school teammates and go pop sweet home in the jaw... then go get hammered... or get hammered while we play, who gives a fuck we have helmets.