NEW MEMBERS - Please Read....

Welcome to the Heckington Facebook group.

This group covers the Lincolnshire villages of Heckington, Little Hale and Great Hale and is for general chat and information about what's going on in the villages. It is run by local villagers, for local villagers. If you have a local event planned or have some useful information that will benefit everyone, then please tell us about it.

We are not a “For Sale” group so please do not advertise your items as they will be removed. If you have something for sale, then consider the following Heckington “For Sale / Wanted / Swap” groups..


Business posts will only be accepted from those companies based in Heckington and the Hales. If you have a local business let us know about it, but please don't spam the group with continuous bumping.

Any business posts from outside of Heckington and the Hales are not allowed and will be removed.

Please be courteous and respectful to other Heckington Group members at all times. Any posts designed to be deliberately confrontational or are "flamebate"/liabless will be deleted without warning and/or a ban will be put into effect.
Do not post a remark that is purely to provoke another member. Think before you type. Discussions and debates are encouraged but not the sniping or provocation.

Posts of such description can be brought to the attention of the Admin Team via the Group reporting function or private message.