I was happy to be accepted here when I moved here yrs ago and I am happy to express the fact that Yellville, Ar. being in the heart of the Ozark mountains is a blessing that most my age don't realize is a breathtaking gift to be in such beauty where you can step on your porch and breathe it all in... I however have lived many places since I moved away and now am back .... I can truly and honestly say that pictures are worth a thousand words and the truth lies within these pictures... I also have many of dry hot and dusty west Tx land where I've lived since 1991... where mosquite trees looks like bushes nd their lakes looks like mud puddles and their mountains looks like ant hills... now I'm not saying west Tx doesn't have it's perks and beauty in a strange sort of way and there's still no place to beat a beautiful west Tx Sunset nd night sky.... but I don't like the dust and oil well smells... smile emoticon I guess my point is... trust me when I say... never take Yellville for granted and all of it's historical sites and history along with once a year Turkey Trot in which PETA needs to trot right on outta the state... after all the only thing in-humane is the poor tourists in the way when a Turkey drops and they get stampeeded over the top of by all the kids trying to catch the turkey's!!! Hope y'all ENJOY the pictures mainly taken of the Buffalo river and Buffalo point! The 1st one tho was take of my daddy and myself at Dog Patch on the Paddle boats