Salto Youth Resource Centres

A World of Youth Training Resources and Activities (this is not official group).
Dear friends! This group is made for you to connect to possible new partners and share your Salto Youth projects. When doing so, please provide an English translation if you use another language. Preferable link it to an approved seminar/ training course/ exchange from If you're not using a link, please provide which countries are eligable to apply, age of participants, date of action, main topic and who and how to contact for more information.

Links to other groups offing other or similiar activities will be removed and the user will be banned. Please do not spam, meaning posting the same message over and over. Some messages will need to be approved first, so give it some time. Please keep the posts to Erasmus projects and/or Salto Youth projects. Other posts will be removed and the user may be banned from this group. By applying for membership in this group you accept the terms mention above.