English Language Learners Group

Hello, and welcome.

This group is aimed at learners and teachers of English of all levels, who want to interact with others by asking and answering their questions about language use, sharing resources for learning (such as educational websites, videos, books, quotes, proverbs, techniques, etc.), asking for and suggesting learning strategies, and mainly looking for opportunities to use the language in a practical way.

Here are some rules which we prefer you to follow to make this group as useful as possible:

1. Speak only in English (even a simple word) because members here are from many different parts of the world.

2. Please do not discuss religion. Again, we have many diverse religions represented in this group.

3. All members should participate in making useful and informative posts and comments e.g ( sharing biographies , book's names, movies, English idioms, vocabulary, proverbs , quotations, English articles , educational video clips, Scientific information and any things you find useful to share in English.

4. Avoid using short forms in your posts and comments, for example, texting English is not acceptable.

5. Every member is responsible for his/her own post or topic by providing the answer to the questions and exchanging ideas and views to come up with good feedback and summary of the topic.

6. No postings of advertisements allowed without prior permission of an administrator. If you post an ad, it will be deleted and you will be banned from the group.

7. Limit your posts to 4 per day.

Take up the challenge of learning the language and have fun with English!

Best regards,

Joanne Mathews, ELLG