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Huhana Mahaki
Margz Kameta
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Posting Guidelines

This Group page was created for you to buy , sell or swap your items, as long as they are true and legit items

1. You MUST at all times post your item/s 4 sale with photo, Description & price or risk your post being deleted by admin..

2. When your item/s have been sold PLEASE DELETE YOUR POST..

3.When you purchase any item/s please PM seller to organise payment & pickup.

4. You cannot post OFFERS, you must post a sale price

5.Admin reserve the right to remove any ads that we feel are in contrast with our Terms and Conditions. Also, if the following sets of rules are broken or any ads we feel are not relevant, we have the legal right to remove it with or without informing you.

6.Offensive language or any adult content (be it language or images) are strictly NOT allowed. We will remove any such ads if reported or found offensive.

7. This group does not allow any spamming nor does it allow promotion of Businesses, this comes under advertising, and is no different to the ban on local businesses promoting on the page.

8. This group does not under any circumstances..Allow any stolen or prohibited item/s to be advertised under any circumstance on this page/group due to legal and safety reasons, which also means DRUGS, GUNS ILLEGAL WEAPONS ETC,

9. Transactions for items are not the respsonibility of admin, our advice to all is pay cash wen you receive the items, don't time pay, part pay, deposit etc unless you know them personally that will be your choice, however we still encourage pay wen you receive items as this will protect both seller and buyer.

10. Sellers will usually sell on a first in first serve basis, it is unacceptable to message any seller and tell them who to sell to and who not to sell to in order to gain the items themselves!! it is also unacceptable to agree to sell to a buyer and then onsell to someone else!!
if this happens to you please message admin and we will happily remove anyone who does this.

11. There is a ZERO tolerance on selling Kaimoana on this page, so to clarify you can not sell, ANY FISH (except goldfish) KINAS, PAUAS, CRAYS, BUBUS, PIPI, COCKLES, OYSTERS, MUSSELS, CRABS, OCTAPUS, WHITE BAIT, TUNA(EELS) OAH MAN ANYTHING EATABLE FROM THE SEA! should there be a post and any comments of people wanting to buy the seller and the buyers will be removed and banned! no explanation whatsoever!