Kaitlyn Duck Fundraiser

Every day we send our positive energies and love to Kaitlyn and her family. Now we would like to step it up, and make some contributions by fundraising for our Mama Duckling.

We've opened up a Trust Fund at the Credit Union bank - "Kaitlyn Duck Fundraiser" - where anyone at any time is able to go in and donate. It will be extremely appreciated. This is to help cover the costs of medications prior to her surgery, as well as help contribute to the funding of her surgery.
Due to Kaitlyn being hospitalized so spontaneously, the Duck family has taken off a lot of time from work to be there to comfort her and support her. Due to this occurring, we would like to help and support their family by fundraising money. If anyone else were dealing with such things, the Duck family would be there for them 110%. So it would be amazing if we could have YOUR 110% to support Kaitlyn and her brave family!

We've set up pots at local businesses around Summerland for donations.
We're also planning on doing a bottle drive, so if you have any empties you'd be willing to hand in and donate to us, that would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much for everyone's support and prayers - WE LOVE YOU KAITLYN. ♥