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It is unfortunate that nowadays so many Nigerians go to higher institution of learning for the sole purpose of getting a degree, which will qualify them "to get a job" after graduation. What kind of ambition is that - the ambition to become a well paid SLAVE for life?

The unfortunate thing about this is that the " jobs" being prepared for are in short supply and many times not available! The government that had traditionally provided jobs can no longer be relied on. It led the way in the retrenchments which ravaged the country not long ago.

Many people say a good job means security, this has been proved to be falsehood. Anyone who has a boss can be retrenched, blackmailed or frustrated out. Examples abound. Can you imagine what a terrible shock it is to a man, who has been enjoying fat income to suddenly find himself out on the street? The experience could be shattering. You cannot feel secure when somebody has that power over you.

You can never be independent when someone has the power to tell you how many hours you must work, how long a vacation you may have and even as actually happens in many cases- what kind of clothes you may or may not wear!.

And what about the future of an employee? What kind of financial success is possible to him?


When a man works for others he is merely helping to make his employers rich, which he does at the sacrifice of his own independence.

There is an only one way to achieve independences and the opportunities that go with it and that is to be your own MASTER.

A lot has already been said on how to curb unemployment. Many theories have been propounded. Position papers written. We are not short of orators. But none has actually showed what could be done.

True Independence is When YOU Are able to Discover Your Purpose on Earth, Pursue it With Passion and Bless Humanity with Your Existence. BUT The Irony is This, The Pursuit of Purpose and Dreams Has a Price, And That Price is - Money. Therefore what are You Doing Today to Secure Your Financial Independence?

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