Munali Boys Secondary School of Lusaka

The constitution review process has become a worrisome subject for most citizens in Zambia today. This is so due to the lack of clarity on next steps after the Technical Committee Drafting the Constitution (TCDC) issued statements that the final draft document was complete and handed over to the President. Regrettably, the simultaneous hand over of the final draft to the public as detailed in the TCDC’s ToRs did not occur. Consequently, there has been a growing concern that with past experiences and lessons learnt over Zambia’s constitution review processes, the state needs to exercise more consistency, leadership and honesty to mitigate another costly and failed review process. Similarly, the public, civil society and media must also demonstrate more patriotism, vigour and courage to the whole constitutional review process, otherwise there may be the risk of hindering the successful completion of the constitutional process to the selfish whims of those in power.
Undoubtedly, there is need for people power targeted around the constitution making process to ensure that there is collective consensus of key steps that will compel the state to adhere to the implementation of a popular and people driven constitution within a well laid out road map.
The Campaign for a People Driven Constitution is a coalition of more than 260 individual CSOs and all interested citizens and stakeholders that has embarked on an elaborate advocacy based campaign to ensure that a popular and people driven constitution is enacted, as espoused during the district, provincial, sectoral and national consultation processes. The specific objectives of the coalition based interventions are:
1. To advocate for the development of a legal framework to govern the final draft constitution adoption and enactment process.
2. To mobilise, sensitise and popularise the contents of the basic minimum principles of the constitution.
3. To coordinate and facilitate the actions of a vibrant and motivated coalition, including citizens that champions the adoption and enactment of a people driven constitution. The Campaign for a People Driven Constitution is an advocacy initiative of Zambians, by Zambians and for Zambians. The time for a people driven constitution in Zambian is NOW! We call upon the PF government to fulfill its promises on the constitution NOW! We call upon all progressive Zambians to support the Campaign for a people driven constitution NOW!