Plainville MA Parents

This group is for Plainville Parents to share information about school, the town, or anything relevant that we may need to know or ask. Anyone can invite a member, and the group is viewable, but not the posts unless an invitation is accepted. If you would like not to be in this forum, you can remove yourself. This forum is for informational purposes and POSITIVE posts only, (i.e. praising the PTO for a job well done), and these posts will be monitored and removed if necessary. Discussions that are determined to not follow the posting rules should be conducted outside of this forum. Direct ads for businesses will not be allowed, but recommendations and suggestions upon request, or sales that are linked to donations to a community group are allowed. Anyone violating the rules can and may be banned from the group. I am sure we will come up with more rules along the way, and suggestions are more than welcome, and I hope this will be helpful to all!