Romantic Modern Piano Music

THE RULES: (Please read before posting)

Feel free to add links, videos and other materials to share!
Keep it about INSTRUMENTAL Romantic PIANO music
- Instrumental means: No lyrics / singing
- If possible: post videos directly from youtube (not by way a website or Spotify).
- Posting of soundclouds is only possible after consent/permission (by exception!).
- Piano Music means: acoustical or digital (real piano sound), but NO synthesizer. (This group is not a keyboard/midi group)
- With other instruments the PIANO must be the main instrument!!

This group is created for piano music lovers of the modern romantic style. Please use this platform wisely. Members are allowed to post their favorite romantic piano music (instrumental) that is of value for the other members of the group. Be considerate and wise (if be in doubt: look at the former postings);
New age musicians /composers are allowed to post interesting information, including new releases. But avoid SPAMMING.

The official language in this group is English (because this is an international group). That means:
- Comments about the videos /messages must be in English.
- Warning: We don't tolerate insult, slash or negative criticism about members!
- Documentaries, lectures, interviews etc. (for preference) in English or supplied with sufficient subtitles.

About spamming:
There are numerous other terrific groups that are appropriate for posting materials that are not related to Romantic Modern PIANO Music. Any post here that has no connection to this PIANO music group (whether other music, art, self-promotional materials, or advertisements etc.) will be deleted.
Abusers of this policy will be banned without further warning.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.