Poetry/Victory's Ladder

Come on and PRAISE HIM!! He is the creator of heaven and earth! Come on and PRAISE HIM! You ought to bless His name! Come on and clap your hands! Clap the devil out of your life! Clap the Lord in it! Come on and PRAISE HIM! Wasn't for Him, you wouldn't be here! You could be lying in a cold grave somewhere! But God!! So come on and PRAISE HIM!! Give Him what's His anyway. ...His wonderful glorious PRAISE!! Whatever it is you're going through, just PRAISE HIM!! Your BREAKTHROUGH is right there!! You've got to PRAISE your way through. .....Come on and PRAISE HIM! All ye saints. ...Praise Him!!! Come on and give the Lord a PRAISE!! Hallelujah Jesus! Hallelujah Jesus! If you want something you've never had before, you've got to do something you've never done before! Step out on faith sisters and brothers. ....it's right there! God's got it right there for you. ...that's enough to give Him PRAISE! Come on and PRAISE HIM!! PRAISE HIM!! PRAISE HIM!!