Galena, Riverton, Baxter | Buy, Sell, Trade

First come first serve! We will try to make this less confusing than the other sites! The first person to comment with "want" or the first person that gives you an offer that you accept, is the one that will receive the item. Hence, first come first serve! :) Make sure that if you are meeting someone you don't know, you meet them in a public place! Also, please post all details on the pictures you add! Including price, size, ect. I created this group for all of us that live in the area, and for those that don't.
**If you are selling firearms ALL laws MUST be followed.
Selling of pets will be prohibited, there are other groups specifically for that.
Delete your items that are no longer available.**
A no-show will cause you to be deleted and after 2 wants & then backing out you will be deleted, our time is always valuable!
Hope everyone enjoys! And Happy Shopping!