What's happening in Pinson?

This group is for sharing things going on in and around Pinson. There are few rules, but they must be followed.

1. Absolutely no real estate posting allowed...no rental property posting allowed. First tine pits will be deleted, second time, post and poster will be deleted.

2. Be respectful (or at least civil) to others.

3. No Spam. It's okay to promote a local business or event, just do not flood the page with repetitive posts.

4. Admins may remove any post that they feel is inappropriate.

5. Political discussions are okay as long as they don't get out of hand. Our city leaders are also someone's neighbor, family member, or friend, so no personal attacks.

6. Blocking an Admin will get you removed from the group, as will failure to follow the rules.

7. Other rules may be added as the need arises. Hopefully everyone can act like they have some sense and that won't be necessary.