Natural Parenting. Herts, Essex & Cambs

Purpose of this group:
• Our goal is to nurture, support and inspire people to thrive in their new role as parents.
• We practice active, compassionate listening.
• We practice non-judgment of ourselves and others.
• We understand that parenthood is a transformational time in people’s lives.
• We support each parents’s intuition.
• We understand self-care is a necessity for a healthy life.
• We provide a healthy solution-focused community.
• We promote empathetic parenting that respects the parents, children and family.

Anonymous posts:
If there is something that you would feel more comfortable posting anonymously, please know that you can do this safely and securely by contacting an admin with your question, who will then post it under 'ANON POST'. Your message will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Recommendations are welcome on this page, however, please consider the following when posting recommendations:

1) Please do not post a recommendation that is in any way connected to a paid for service/product that you profit from.
2) Please only post recommendations for services/products that you have personally experienced yourself (and refer to your own experience in your recommendation).
3) Please ensure that the recommendation that you are making is for something that is in keeping with the interests of this group (see the purpose of the group description on the About page for more info).

Please note that admin will remove recommendations if they feel that they are not in keeping with the above – if you have any queries about a recommendation that you would like to make, feel free to message an admin for guidance.

Market Day:
On the 1st of each month, we will be holding Market Day. On this day, there will be an opportunity to share information on paid for events, products and services that are being offered by members of this page which are in keeping with the purpose of this group (as listed above). If you would like to be featured on Market Day, please message Sophie Christophy, who will be submitting the post and ensuring that it is in keeping with the purpose of the group. Please do not make business/advertising posts at any time on the page.

Local sub-groups:

Natural Parenting: Cambourne and the surrounding villages

Natural Parenting: Essex