Bid for me!!!!!!!!!!! anything thats for sale!!! Better!

A New and Better Bid for Me!!!!

here's a suggestion might want to try following this....happy selling!

1. Photo.
2. Description. (If item is an imitation it should be stated as is, and not claim them as originals)
3. Price (Para di mapuno ug HM?, Pila?, Magkano?)
4. Contact Info.

Again, #3 PRICE.
Please Post Price!
Post and state your price right away! Violators' posts will be banned/deleted. thank you.

As for the Rules.

1. RESPECT is nice but we should have rules that should be permanently PINNED for everyone to see, OLD and NEW members alike.
2. No flaming, flooding, trolling.
3. A seller should post their products in ONE folder so as to eliminate flooding.
4. And if possible limit ONE UP per day.