Moosomin's on-line Garage Sale!

Welcome to Moosomin's On-Line Garage Sale! HERE ARE THE RULES!
1. Price and location MUST be on every pic.
2. No "make an offer" or guessing games. If you don't know what price you want for your item, then don't advertise here.
3. We do not accept clothing/accessories or ANY child related items. We have two other really great Moosomin sites for those items. Do not post same item on this site and then post on kids site or clothing site. You are making work for volunteers. ***POLICY UPDATE*** Effective Feb. 7/14. Due to increasing volume and concerns by members, MOGS will no longer accept pets for sale.
4. If you post on the random wall, you get only one pic per item, and only 7 days posting life. Those pics are deleted after 7 days. You can not have more than 6 pics on the wall at any one time. Otherwise you are creating excess work for volunteer admins who keep this site current and organized. Use existing albums, and everybody is happy!
5. Album posting is better. Items posted in EXISTING albums can stay forever until the item sells IF you keep your item active by bumping at least once every 60 days. You may also post multiple pics of same item ONLY if you use an existing album. DO NOT CREATE NEW ALBUMS. Use existing albums, or use Miscellaneous Album if nothing suits your item.
6. How-to-Post info is found under the FILES tab on main page. All members, including cell phone users, are expected to post within our policy. Marking your post 'mobile' does not award you any special privileges. Improperly posted items get deleted.
7. Businesses are not permitted to advertise on this site. Garage Sale items only. No contests or "likes" or "shares".
8. You may 'bump" or promote your items to the newsfeed no more than once every 24 hours. Also, be considerate and do not monopolize the newsfeed by bumping more than 6 items at one time. Any extra item bumped after the 6th item gets deleted without notice.
9. Be prompt with your transactions. Establish clear communication between buyers and sellers. Exchange of cell phone numbers is recommended.
10. Conduct yourself with courtesy. No profanity or abusive language. Please comment only on items you wish to buy. Admin reserves the right to remove anyone necessary in the best interests of the group.
11. This is a Garage Sale site. It is NOT a forum, chat room, or place to air your personal rants or promote political agendas.
Karen Berglund and Darcy Volk are this site's administrators. Please message either of them if you need assistance. As administrators, they monitor this site daily to keep it current and organized. We will help you post in existing albums rather than the wall. Message us, for one of us is usually around.

Admin is not responsible or liable in any way for any misrepresentation of any buyer or seller. All transactions are the buyers' and sellers' own business.
Thanks! Help us stay organized, be courteous, and have fun!