Campgaw Mountain Disc Golf Course

12 of these 2015 NJDG Challenge Series Trophies can be hanging on your wall! Come out to Field of Dreams on 1/4 for our annual Ice Bowl, Win your division and bring home one of these Challenge Series trophies! The Challenge Series is a series of 12 tournaments per year. 1 per month. The position a player finishes in will also carry points, player with the most points in your division at the end of the year will be your divisional points champion and awarded a large cup style trophy. Also if a player enters a division but plays will enough to compete with in the top 5 of the division above what they entered, they will be awarded a trophy for the division entered, then will get bumped up and collect the points from where they finished in the higher division. After the bump (if any) the player that is now 1st in the lower division will get rewarded a trophy for 1st. For more information and to pre register, please visit,