Prayer Chain For Roger Barnett

I believe Roger has made some great progress while we have been traveling. He seems to have gained so much strength in his leg. (There's a story there, but I'll let him tell it.) He is using his cane with much more confidence that he was even a few days ago. I am still believing God is able to complete what He has started in our lives. We have been in some amazing services this past week. God's presences was so wonderful! The size of our International Church was made real to me, and it feels awesome to know that even though our local church, is not very large, our church family extends around the world! I love that feeling! In every nation there are prayer warriors who are continually supporting each other in prayer! What an encouragement to realize we are part of that! It made me want to be sure I am doing my part! We are on our way home! Even the best trips must come to an end, and we are ready to be home! We have missed our church family, and the rest of those we love! Looking forward to revival next week, come see us, believing for great things!