Parksville/Qualicum Swap & Shop for Older Kids


An easier way to get rid of your older kids' (age 6 and up) gently used clothing, shoes, and electronics (or any other items related to kids and teens) and a great way to find some good deals! Together we can reduce, reuse and recycle!

Post your picture in the designated folder if you want to sell an item along with the price and any other info. To make it easier of other members, please add where you are located). If you are looking for something in particular, post to the "Looking For" folder.
To add a pic to folders, at the very top where is says "Photos" (how ever many there are) click that and it will open to all the folders. Then click and open the appropriate folder and then upload your picture there..

Please be courteous to others.

As a buyer: Once you comment on an item, please make arrangements for pick-up as soon as possible. There should be no holds unless it is confirmed with the seller. Once arrangements have been made, please be courteous and show up. If you have a reason why you can't show up, please notify the buyer as soon as possible. Everyone has lives and no one needs to be waiting around for each other.

As a seller: Once a buyer comments on your item, please make arrangements for pick-up. Please comment on your item that it is sold pending pick-up (sold ppu). Once the item has been picked up, please DELETE YOUR PICTURE ONCE SOLD.

(Please post all household items for sale in the Buy, Sell, Trade Swap and Baby items in the Mom Swap & Shop)