Keppel Sands, Cawarral, Emu Park And Surrounding Areas Buy Swap And Sell

■ Please include in your ad, price(fixed or negotiable), description, location, advertised elsewhere. No price or make an offer posts will result in the post being deleted.
■ We have a 12hr bump rule. You can only 'BUMP' Once in any 12hour period. For those of you new to the site who aren't aware of a bump and what it does it's simple.....Bring Up My Post... type bump in the comment section and your ad will pop back to the top of the page

■Only 3 individual bumps per day. (Meaning please only bump 3 of your items per day). Or 1 whole album. Please note, when you comment on your item (not including replying to question) you are bumping that post.

■ First to comment on the individual pic not the album itself is first served, and so on down the line. Given that you may want to sell quickly, if you have had no response from buyer within 24 hours then move onto next in line.

■ If you are posting individual pics, please limit the amout to only 5 items at a time to save on wall space.

■ Multiple posts of the same item will result in the removal of all posts. That is, multiple photos of the SAME ITEM (unless in an album) will be deleted!!!!

■ Tagging a person does not give that person first option to buy the item, they must comment themselves to be fair for everyone. Unless the seller has specifically tagged a member due to previous conversations on other posts.

■ If your item is sold then please remove your post. If the sale falls through then please move onto inline members and tagging them if possible. It is the sellers responsiblitity to remove ALL SOLD items.

■ If you have an issue with someone failing to show and not contacting you please report them to an Admin so that we can issue them with a warning. We understand that things come up however, it is common courtesy to let the seller know you are unable to make it.

■ It is the responsibility of all buyers to inspect goods before purchase is made to ensure you are getting what you are paying for, if you choose not to do this then it will be your responsibility if the item is not what you expected and not that of the sellers. Sellers should demonstrate where possible that an item works and does what it should to protect themselves.

■Keep your comments to questions about the item/post and if you don't like the price/item/condition or seller, don't buy it.

■If there is a WTB (Would like to Buy) Post by a user, you may not be inline on someone's offer of goods.

■Photos/albums will be deleted after one month unless there are comments under a week old,

■Rudeness or nastiness will not be tolerated at all. Please PM a ADMIN member if you are experiencing problems.

■GIVEAWAY items - rules do not apply to these items and the individual may decide on a recipient of the FREE items.