The name Alaphra comes form the four sons of Nanga (Naga) namely the eldest son was called Alaphra, the second son name was Atizü, the third son was called Thai and the fourth son was called Myan from where the Nagas are believed to be originated.

The Group is involved in businesses as diverse as Travel, Tourism, Trainings and Events.

Dedication, Dynamism and Passion is what drives the Group’s enterprise.


The Group’s main vision is to develop and employ the local community.

Our projects and operations provide significant levels of employment. This brings particular benefits in remote and less-developed regions where there is little alternative work and many people lack skills. We recognize the importance of recruiting local people and giving them the skills to increase their wealth and improve their chances of remaining employed.

Our businesses give preference to local residents to maximize local employment opportunities or hire a specified proportion of local people.

Participating employees are usually selected and managed in cooperation with community leaders or tribal authorities.


Alaphra Group Training Center,
Circular Road, Teen Ali,
Duncan Bosti, Above NagaSoft Tech Solutions (SSI)
Near Morung Express,
Dimapur, Nagaland - 797112

Tel No # + 91 8014057303
# + 91 8413839140

Correspondence Address:

101, Grace Gate,
Duncan Bosti Circular Road,
Dimapur, Nagaland - 797112