Shannon Free to a Good Home

***RULES*** & other info
Cleaning out your house..Don't dump it- post it on Shannon Free to a good Home!
Nothing is for sale ...All free!!!!
One mans junk is another mans treasure!

User Guidelines can be seen in the Files tab. These will help you to use the page. Please take note of the rules below...

The Rules:

*No under 18s allowed join the page.

*You are allowed one claim a day OR one Ask. If you claim two items in one day you will lose a week's claims.

*No abusive/strong language will be tolerated and will result in said person being banned.

*Zero tolerance of bullying in any form. Bullies will be banned- no questions asked.

*Giver decides who they want to give it to, arrangements are made between the 2 for pick up; please do this by Private Message (PM) please.

*Please don't ask for recommendations or details of any for-profit business, service or trade, as a reply providing these details will be a form of advertising and no advertising of any for-profit business, service or trade is allowed. Any questions on where to find a particular service could be posted on the Shannon Area Services page here:

*You may tag someone under an item to draw their attention to something you know they want, but they must come online and express interest themselves then. Items can't be claimed for someone via a third party. You can use your own claim to get it for them if you wish.

*No selling on of items received on this free will be removed from the page.

*Please keep the conversations just about the item...not how's your mother???? etc

*No giving away of animals, wives, husbands or kids!!!! As much as we'd like to. Also, no sharing or advertising on this page of animals that are being given away elsewhere.

*Any member found to be using a fake profile, or the profile of a relative/friend/colleague in order to claim something for themselves because their own claim for the day has been used, will be banned.

Admin will delete posts or comments if they don't belong on the page or if they go against any rule. An explanation won't be offered and a discussion won't be entered into- they will just be deleted.
The Admin members currently are: Joanne Begley, Jackie O’Sullivan Hodges, Shir Hennigar, and Lynda Collins. Please don’t hesitate to Private Message (PM) any of us if you have any concerns or queries.

Any questions on where to find a particular service could be posted on the Shannon Area Services page here:

Any lost/found animals and other pet related issues could be posted on Shannon Pets Database here:

And any other queries could be posted on the Shannon Town Forum page here:

Thank you for your cooperation! .
Admin :)