International Workshop on Low Carbon City Planning in Kitakyushu 2012

The UAP Committee on Media and Public Relations presents this UAP National Event (A Series of Seminar Modules) in response to the need for Architects' Participation in Rehabilitation/Reconstruction/Restoration efforts. The Philippines has experienced countless disasters, and the Filipino Architect can offer significant contributions to alleviate the affected communities' dreadful situation. The Bohol & Cebu Earthquakes have left many Monumental/Heritage Structures in ruins. These Architectural Landmarks have served not only as significant symbols, but also as "cores" of various Communities in Bohol and Cebu. While it is true that efforts towards saving these masterpieces are of utmost importance, Focus should also be on the lives that have been broken and destroyed. Recently, Typhoon Yolanda caused devastating damage to the Visayas (Leyte-Tacloban, Ormoc, and neighboring areas). It is imperative that we do our share in offering assistance to those who need it the most. We must use our expertise to rehabilitate communities... to rebuild lives. As Architects, not only is our task to take care of the physical aspects of the Communities, but it is also our responsibility to offer hope to the survivors... To make it known to them that the Architect will always be there to uplift the quality of life. The UAP has already taken the first step by allocating funds for calamity assistance, a very noble and sincere gesture. Many benefited from this modest donation. The UAP Headquarters has become a temporary shelter to our Colleagues and their Students from Tacloban, and it currently serves as a drop-off point for relief goods coming from various UAP Chapters and individuals. UAP is also taking the responsibility of safely transporting our dear Tacloban Architects and Students by chartering private buses. Trucks shall also be provided to make sure that relief goods would reach the needy. UAP has formally organized the "UAP Emergency Response Architects", which Past Secretary General Rey Gabitan heads. UAP should be able to take the next significant step. Rehabilitation is part of the Architect's domain, and he or she should always be ready to take action. Many UAP Architects are already involved, or willing to be involved in the Rehabilitation of affected Communities and Structures. Organizations such as NCCA, ICOMOS, various Colleges & Universities, and other groups that specialize in Conservation/Rehabilitation/Restoration are already in action. Working with these groups are many Professionals, including Filipino Architects. Each of them represents the United Architects of the Philippines... Each of them is an effective & efficient extension of the National Organization. In that sense, this is one of the contributions of the UAP: being of service to the Filipino Community through its competent members. Rehabilitation entails cooperation and coordination. UAP respects and believes in the various Organizations "authorized" to take on the task, and have already started the process. Believing that there are more UAP Architects who are willing to help, but do not know what to do first, how to properly go about the rebuilding process, and who to work with, UAP shall be more involved in the Rehabilitation Process through a series of Seminar Modules that would hopefully result in the creation of a Roster of Architects who may be tapped by "UAP Emergency Architects". UAP shall be of assistance to the groups that are already involved in the noble task of rebuilding. The UAP Committee on Media & Public Relations shall present a series of Seminar Modules at the UAP Headquarters, which shall be hosted by various UAP Chapters. It shall be held on November 30, 2013, Saturday. Speakers who are experts on the topics shall be featured.
1. To educate Architects on the ff.:
-Proper Steps to take in Rehabilitation/Restoration (Guidelines/Program/Plan-of-Action with regard to the Restoration Process, not only for Cebu, Bohol, Tacloban, but when there is a need in the future.)
-Importance of Restoration
-Community Architecture
2. To formally launch "UAP Emergency Response Architects"
3. To come up with a Roster of Architects who can be of assistance to "UAP Emergency Architects" and other Organizations:
-Pool of Architects with various specialties who can be tapped by groups for Restoration Projects, depending on the expertise required
-Team of Architects ready to assist various Communities in the rehabilitation of their homes and establishments other than Heritage Structures. Monuments and Landmarks won't serve their purpose if the people who make up the community are in despair. Architecture is for people, and not the other way around. Lives would have to be rebuilt first, and everything will follow.
4. To familiarize Architects with various Organizations/Groups that are involved in Restoration/Rehabilitation
5. Most importantly, to encourage UAP Chapters to work together to achieve a collective goal; thus, the Spirit of Unity shall be kept alive. "One Mission, One UAP" is a service to UAP Architects and Architecture Students. We shall offer these Seminar Modules for free to encourage more of our colleagues to participate. Our main goal is to establish the Filipino Architect's role in Rebuilding & Rehabilitation. * Program and List of Speakers to be announced within the week.
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