Code of Conduct

1. Don't harass or spam other users.
• Don't publish or send messages or pictures with damaging, threatening, misleading, defamatory, rancorous, aggressive, racist, vulgar, denigrating, indecent, insulting, violent, obscene or pornographic content
• Don't don't flood or write excessively long texts.
•Don't do anything illegal on our site. We will report you to the authorities if you do
• Don't post racist remarks or pictures and don't abuse people because of their sexual preferences
• Don't publish content for which you don't hold the necessary ownership rights. You are solely responsible for the content you publish. MFMRNcannot be held liable if you publish content for which you don't hold the rights.
• Don't try to hack MFMRN or someone else's MFMRN account.
By committing such offences, you risk a prison
sentence and/or monetary
• Don’t get into habit of making arguments with the administrators.
• Don’t get into habit of attacking people rather, attack issues responsibly
• Don’t post material on this site which would otherwise be suitable to post in your friend’s walls.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result either in a warning or blocking from the site. Please be aware that we are not obliged to warn you before we do this.

In cases of serious breaches, we will immediately block you from the site without leaving you an option to get your account back.
These guidelines are meant to keep MFMRN a fun and friendly place for all our users. If you don't agree with them, please join another site