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[one of the best singers in Greece of course]
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Giorgo was born in Nikaia, Peiraia on March 4th, 1972. As a young child, he loved singing. He first started singing at a club in Nikaia called "To Mousiko Retire", and from 15 years old he started singing at a variety of clubs in the area, with his first goal being in Patra. From then until his first cd came out his crowd of fans increased. In 1993 with Polygram Music, he makes his first cd called 'Mesanihta kai kati' which unfortunately didn't make a big succession, but the Record company believed in him and then his second cd came out which was called 'Me ta matia na to les' in 1994. Many of the songs from that cd became loved by everyone such as: Mi mou zitas, Fronima, Treis to prwi, Tipota, Me ta matia na to les, and Methw mazi sou, but most of all, the song that took over all of the fans was Aniko se mena. In very little time, the cd went Gold, and many of Greece's major song writers such as: Panos Falaras, Antonis Pappas, Natalia Germanou, wrote most of his songs, and the music was by Nikos Terzis. At that time he performed at the clubs called Carravan and Posidonio where his success became even bigger.In 1996, the cd single 'Mou lipis' which also includes the song 'mou lipis' which became a huge hit along with 'Teliosame Edo', 'Fevgw gia mena" and "Katastrofi Mou"

At that time he performed at Bio Bio, and a year later he went into the army, which was talked about constantly in magazines. While in the army, he made the video clip for 'Fevgw gia mena' in Sparti. In the year of 1997, Giorgo went through a big change in his life. His new cd 'Paidi tis nihtas' became gold along with two song that became popular as well. (Louketo and Me lene Giorgo) With new writers (Pano Falara, and Giorgo Pavriano) and for music ( Taki Bouga, and Vasili Kelaidi), newer songs that became famous were 'Edo', 'Ftaine oi nihtes', 'Mi mou milas den eimai edw', 'Zilevo', 'Paliopaido tha gino', 'Na me peis fili fili', 'Mia signomi den ftanei', 'Paidi tis nihtas', and a few others. Every night in club Haos where he performed, the place was full of fans who came to hear Giorgo's wonderful performances. Over 50, 000 copies of the cd was bought and it soon became platinum, which also became one of the heighest points in his career.

In 1998, one of Giorgo's biggest dreams were accomplished, when he came out with the cd "Brosta se ena mikrofono" which included new versions of older songs such as " Dio kardies, I Valitsa, Tha me thimithis, Einai pia arga, Sto adeio mou paketo, Feggaria Dahtilidia, and it was a big honor for Mrs. Mary Linda to sing with him in De thelw pia na ksanartheis. Giorgo's next step was when he sang with the hip hop group Goin' Through. From this job, the song was loved and sang by many.
Thelw na girisw sta palia became such a succession that it went platinum, and along with that his next cd called "Allaxane ta plana mou" went gold. It included big hits such as: Ena keno, Thelw na girisw sta palia, Eisai ena treno, Allaxane ta plana mou, Variemai, To lathos mou to teleftaio, Ligo fws, and Poia nihta s'ehei parei. The song and lyrics writers who helped were Alekos Xrisovergis, Spiros Giatras, Tasoula Thomaidou, Takis Soukas, Takis Bougas, Panos Falaras, and Nikos Vourliotis and Mihalis Papathanasiou from Goin' Through. In the winter of 1999-2000 he performed at Music Boc, along with Natassa Theodoridou, Stelios Dionysiou, and Ekeinos kai Ekeinos. In the summer of 2001, the cd single 2x2 came out from Heaven Music, which became gold right away as well, and in the fall the second part of the cd came out called Koita Me. In the spring of 2002, Koita Me was remade into Koita me + Beat which included remixes to 9 songs. One of the biggest song writers of Greece; Foivos, wrote a few of his songs, and besides the songs, the video clips for a few ths songs became a big hit, but for the video for Opou Koitaxeis was the most expensive video clip made in Greek music.In the winter of 2002-2003 he worked at GAZI along with Notis Sfakianakis. In the spring of 2003, Giorgo worked at Fix Community along with K. Kiano and Nikos Papadopoulos.
In Decemeber of 2003, Giorgo's new cd called Savvato came out, and all the songs and lyrics were written by Foivos, with songs that quickly became famous and loved to all Greeks all over the world.

The first song was called : To Gucci Forema, Apopse tha se onirefto, Savvato, Foveri, Nikotini, and much others. At that time he was performing at GAZI along with Marianta Pieridi and Giorgo Giannia. Savvvato went platinum and in the Spring, it re-came out with bonus tracks such as 'To Gucci twn Masai' which was a duet with Elli Kokkinou along with a Savvato and To Gucci Forema remixes. In the winter of 2004-2005, Giorgo was performing at Fever along with Elena Paparizou, and Sakis Rouvas, and at the same time he was getting ready for a new cd which was called MAZWLIVENAKIS, and the same year the cd Giorgos Mazonakis- Best of came out from Universal Records. In the spring of 2005, he performed at Thalassa, along with Kostas Karafotis.At the same time Giorgo went on tour through out all of Greece, Australia, and also North America. In December of 2005, the soundtrack for the show Ta Krifa Monopatia by Manousos Manousakis came out, where Giorgo sang the song Krifa Monopatia. For the winter of 2005-2006, Giorgo performed with Despoina Vandi at REX, which became one of the biggest hits of Greece, and he sang 'Amanes' with Despoina Vandi which also became a huge hit in Greece, coming from Despoina's 'Stin avli tou paradisou Platinum Edition' cd.

In the summer and fall of 2006, Giorgo performed with Victoria Halkiti, Niko Miha, Vasiliki Kapakou, and Stelios Maximos at Fix. From the winter of 2006-2007, Giorgo sang at Rex with Despoina Vandi, and along with them, Kostas Martakis until February 2.
The "S'exw Epithimisi"cd single was released along with 2 remixes of it in April 2007. From the middle of April to the end of June 2007 Giorgo performed at 'Thalassa' along with Tamta, Fani Drakopoulou and Stelio Maximo.
On June 25th, at the Mad VMA's in Greece, Giorgo won the best duet award with Despina Vandi, and performed a the derti remix version of S'eho Epithimisi.

On December 17th, Giorgo's new cd "Ta Oxi kai Ta Nai Mou" was released. 4 of the songs are by Foivos, [S'exw Epithimisi + 3 new] and the rest by Taki Bouga, who in the past has written many number one hits for Giorgo. Giorgo performed at "Fever" with Niko Makropoulo and Stelio Maximo from December 6 to April 19th.
O GIORGOS EKANE TO 7oMAD SECRET CONCERT by WHAT'S UP with Elitsa & Stoyan, Emoigre, Goin' Through, Imam Baildi, Nikko Patrelaki and Stamatis Kraounakis POU HTAN TERASTIA EPITIXIA, MIA YPEROXI VRADIA GEMATES APO EKPLIKSEIS!
Giorgos started performances at Botanikos with Natasa Theodoridou and Tamta on 17/10 and continued through March 28th. Pigane Telia!!!

To CD+DVD Kikloforei kai periexei diaforetika tragoudia kai to secret concert se DVD!
1 STON EROTA PARANOIS Feat. Niko Patrelakis
8 ENA KENO Feat. Emigre
9 PEDI TIS NIHTAS Feat. Emigre
10 THELO NA GIRISO Feat. Goin' through
11 GUCCI FOREMA Feat. Goin' through
15 TREIS TO PROI Feat. Imam Baildi
16 XIMERONI PALI Feat. Stamatis Kraounakis
DVD of the Live MAD Secret Concert

Treis to Prwi (feat. Imam Baildi) official video clip

PAIDI TIS NIHTAS feat. EMIGRE [official video clip]

Patiste "Like" Stin Episimi Selida tou Giorgou sto Facebook! :

1.) Mesanihta kai kati - [1993] Polygram
2.) Me ta matia na to les [1994] Polygram
3.) Mou Lipis [1996] Polygram
4.) Paidi tis nihtas [1997] Polygram
5.) Brosta se ena mikrofono [1998] Polygram
6.) Allaxane ta plana mou [1999] Universal Music
7.) The Best of [2001] Universal Music
8.) single [2001] Heaven Music
9.) Koita me+Beat 22 songs+2 new by Foivos [2002]
Heaven Music
10.) Savvato+Gucci ton Masai [2003] Heaven Music
11.) Savvato - Karaoke DVD [2004] Heaven Music
12.) The Best (2CD) [2004] Universal Music
13.) The Best Videos on DVD-zone 2 Universal Music
14.) Giorgos Mazonakis Live [2005] Heaven Music
15.) Krifa Monopatia OST [2005] Heaven Music
16.) Summer in single [2006] Heaven Music
17.) S'eho single [2007] Heaven Music
18.) Ta Oxi Kai Ta Nai Mou [2007] Heaven Music.
19.) Revised Giorgos Mazonakis CD+DVD Mad Secret Concert [2008] Heaven Music
20.) Ta Isia Anapoda [2010] Heaven Music

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