Each day family law victims are increasing. Lots of fathers are denied their father hood. Even false sexual allegations are made with own daughter. More and more victims come up each day.

On other side the only profit earners from these family victims are lawyers. Even a 2 year old child is put in false sex allegation with her own father just to avoid a father's affection to that innocent child and also to make black money. As most clients who are tax payers pay fee that is not included in any tax exemptions.

Avoid lawyers interference in family matters as most of small issues are made complicated through them. Lawyers are mostly for lies and sex stories. Lawyers makes a family victims as a dependable object in family court. They are only for making black money. No receipt for the fee/reward received from their clients. Make receipts/acknowledgement strictly compulsory. Apart from these they want to be respected.

Ever seen a lawyers giving a proof for the fee or reward levied from his client.This profession makes black money those unaccounted income from those clients mostly who are tax payers or the fee given from the income got after tax deduction.

On other side mediators seems as authorised way for extortion.