Bingham, Radcliffe, Cotgrave and West Bridgford - Bidding and Selling

This group is dedicated to selling and buying decent items from people around the Bingham, Radcliffe, Cotgrave and Bridgford area.

Please upload and post photos of your items for our group members to have a look and comment on.

Just A Few House Rules:

1. Please do not bump you items up every hour. As many other groups have said in the past this makes it unfair for other peoples items to be shown who do not have the opportunity to bump so often. So please bump your items sensibly.

2. Please do no give out all of your personal details unless you are certain that you would like people to come round to look/collect your items. Please take care.

3. If you advertise your Facebook page or website, your post will be removed and you'll be banned permanently.