Facebay for Sittingbourne Only (Unless you can deliver)

Genuine sellers only please - people will be deleted and blocked if any misuse of this group occurs.

Please consider every interested party instead of just giving to the first person to comment, This gives everyone a chance and means that the same people who tend to hover waiting for items to be posted don't get everything all the time
Give a buyer/person you are offering to up to 12 hours to respond before moving onto the next person. Remember not everyone gets notifications immediately and not everyone has the time to sit on the internet all day..

Items can be offered for Sale or be given for free... Please state Exactly how much you want for the item when posting... No Bidding please.

Anyone found getting things for free or very cheap JUST for the purpose of reselling... (yes we know who you are) will be banned from the group and possibly named and shamed.

No Gazumping!
Preferably Sittingbourne only however non residents may join as long as you are able to collect from and deliver to Sittingbourne non residents must also state their location in their adverts.

Under 16's have permission to post but you MUST have your parents permission and shouldn't arrange to meet someone to sell or buy without your parents being with you.
Please delete items once they have been sold.