Jamberry Facebook Party Games (Consultants ONLY!)

***I personally verify consultant status before approving members. If your Facebook name is not the name you signed up with, such as if your Facebook name uses a fake name or a middle name as a last name, I cannot verify you. Thank you! ****ALSO: I get TONS of requests every day and I approve from the bottom up, so it gets 'messy' in the request que. So if you request to join but I can't verify you, I ignore the request so that I can keep the que clean.

I am also a BUSY mom of 3, so I don't always get around to approving requests. I have a few admins helping here and there, but requests keep coming in by the boatload, so I apologize for long waiting times.

I created this group after coming up with a fun game which turned out to be a hit (Ugly Manicure Game). I shared it to another FB game group, and it was a huge hit! I love sharing ideas and getting ideas from others.

The rules are posted on the cover photo. They are pretty basic - don't try to sell anything here. NO rice bags, Thirty-One, Pampered Chef, etc. Jamberry HO does not want us promoting other DS companies or profiting off of other consultants in any way! This is a page to share game ideas, graphics, etc. The rules are short and sweet. Let's brainstorm! PLEASE POST COMPLIANT GRAPHICS ONLY! (Compliant graphics do not include the WORD Jamberry or ANY Jamberry LOGOS or product photos. If product photos are present, there should be NO WORDS on your graphic whatsoever.)

PLEASE DO NOT POST ANYTHING that you don't want to share. Everything posted is fair game. (See what I did there? HEHE! ...I am ashamed...)

Please don't comment on a post just to 'call someone out' for changing a graphic or 'stealing' a game you believe you made up. Everyone has their own style and the more options, the better!