DFW Electronics Market

Buy, sell, and trade your electronics locally in the DFW. Please meet in a public area when doing a transaction. Anything suspicious, please tag an admin.

1. POST ELECTRONICS OR ELECTRONICS-RELATED ITEMS ONLY. If you want to post something non-electronic, please message an admin and ask, otherwise we will delete your post. ABSOLUTELY NO SHOES, NO SHOES, NO SHOES, repeat offenders will be removed permanently.
2. PRICE, LOCATION & PICTURE of the items you are selling will make transactions go smoother. That way everybody doesn’t have to comment and ask for pictures. If you don't put a price and just say "offer" don't get upset when people start lowballing you. That's your fault for not putting a price.
3. DELETE OLD/SOLD POSTS: please remove your posts once they have been sold. No need to comment saying sold, just delete it to help clear up clutter.
4. NO ADVERTISEMENTS. Do not post up business ads or links to other groups.
5. BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK! Admins will not get involved in a transaction that has already taken place. Do your homework and check out the item thoroughly before you buyANYTHING. By buying used phones, you are taking a RISK of it going blacklisted via non payment, insurance claims, lost/stolen. Meet in public or at the carrier store if possible. BEWARE. This is your risk you are taking.
6. Report FLAKERS & NO-SHOWS. Message an admin with their name and screen shots of all communication between you; where/when you were supposed to meet.
7. Keep it legal. Absolutely no drugs.
8. MEET IN PUBLIC: If you are buying anything electronic, try to meet in public so you can sit down and check out the item fully before purchasing. Check out the seller’s profile before meeting up. If you are willing to come to their house, take extra precautions when doing so.
10. Keep drama at a minimum. 2 strikes and you’re out permanently, along with your drama.