Evan Peters - American Horror Story

All lovers of AHS and Evan Peters, join!! smile emoticon

Group rules:

1. No extreme fighting or bullying.

( Don't go over board with the insults, absolutely no threats, and no unnecessary rudeness against other members.)

2. No constant spamming your groups, pages, and social media accounts.

( You can advise sometimes but don't go over board with it and no criticizing this group just to gain members. All posts bashing this group will be deleted. And no spamming the group with your snapchat, instagram, kik, etc.)

3. If your selfie is related to ahs, dressed as a character, or wearing ahs clothing feel free to post. And a few weekly selfie threads are allowed for those who want them.

( But if it's a just because selfie keep those to yourself because they will be deleted.)

4. Tons of non Evan and American horror story related pictures will be deleted.

( people do join for Evan and American horror story. Although a FEW off topic posts are welcomed.)

5. No harassing or being super mean to the guys there's not many so we must treasure them