Friends of MSNBC

For those that just can't do without MSNBC!! We need a place where we won't get reported or hacked! We want to enjoy this page without inappropriate postings. We will ask them to delete it, or block anyone who violates OUR Standards. We watch MSNBC because it is the LIBERAL media, and "No Trolls Are Allowed". And by trolls, we mean libertarians, tea party people, the Constitutionalists, the Greens, and assorted RWNJs. WELCOME TO ALL WHO HAVE JOINED OUR GROUP. "We like and encourage people to get involved in the conversation of everyone's post. We will on occasion be cleaning/deleting old posts that get no comments from the page in order to keep it more manageable." .........Anyone having trouble posting to the page? If so please private message any of the administrators of this page so we can check on it. Adms. are: Hanyewi Sunkmanitu Tanka, Rachel Rodríguez, Madeline Christofferson, Donna Lewis Connelly, Gina Bates. ........ Just a quick reminder. No advertising for your products, business, etc. is allowed in this room. Any advertising post to the page will be deleted by the Admins. If you continue to post ads you will be removed from this page. Thank you! ......If a share option isn't on the post, you just have to click directly on the post and the share option will appear. ---Admin.----.