Past Selections - online dead stock and sample sale

This group is designed to give you access to some of the most gorgeous past season stock and samples from brands such as Humanoid, Delicate Love, Superfine, Han Kjobenhavn and others..


The items will be posted via our Ebay page to make it easy to purchase - ebay username PastSelection2012.

Under each image there will be some information about the style and sizes available. There will also be a link for the item on e-bay, where there will be an auction if you fancy your chances and a BUY-IT-NOW price if you just have to have it.

All prices will be 30-50% off of retail prices, sometimes as much as 70%.

There will be one off samples and also some past season stock items.

We will also be hosting private sales throughout the UK so watch this space for invites in your area