Support for Women with Advanced Breast Cancer

This is a group run by and for Women with Advanced Breast Cancer - it is Australian Based but welcomes female members from other parts of the world. Men are ineligible to join.

**Please note that Advanced Breast Cancer is also known as metastatic, secondary or stage 4 breast cancer, and is breast cancer that has spread beyond the breast to bone, liver, lungs, brain and/or distant lymph nodes. There is currently no cure for this terminal breast cancer. Breast cancer that has been diagnosed in the breast and may have affected lymph nodes in the arm pit area is NOT considered Advanced Breast Cancer. Please check your eligibility to join this group before applying. Women who have been diagnosed with stage 1, 2 or 3 breast cancer are ineligible to join.**

This group is a community based on respect for other members and is a safe place for us to share our stories, fears, emotions, successes and difficulties as we deal with this illness. There will be times when our opinions and views differ from others - please respect these differences with a non-judgemental attitude when posting.

You may invite other women with advanced breast cancer to join but they need to be approved my admins - this is to safeguard the privacy of the group. It is suggested if you invite someone that you inform admin so that we can verify the potential member's eligibility to join the group.

For those women who would like to join us from facebook (i.e. looked us up) please check your private message section and your other file section in messages as we contact you before accepting and if we dont hear your name just stays on the list. Men who request admission to this group will be automatically blocked!