Imboden 21 Day Prayer Challenge

I’m not going to lie, there are days in which I am just not feeling God move in my life. I feel as if my prayers are just going up into the air and nothing is happening. What I have figured out is that a lot of time our prayers are so scattered and unfocused that it makes it hard to really focus on what God is speaking into our lives. There is one thing I do know, in the silence God is speaking, in the stillness God is moving, and that God is here with us even if we don’t feel like it at the time.

My hope is that this guide will help direct prayers to God, about 21 different topics, and that after this challenge is completed, prayer would be part of daily life because it then is a daily habit of ours. And it is always nice to have direction when praying because sometimes I feel like my mind wanders. Even when this challenge is done it is something that can be done over and over again so you have a cycle of things to pray for.