Immediate Family And Friends of Gary & Alice Bryant

The status has now changed to focus on Gary, as he is now battling a tough fight with Small Cell Lung Cancer which was found when he fell playing in the sand on the beach with his Great Grand daughter Jaydin early this spring.

To Date He has completed an entire round of 4 sessions of Chemo (every 3 weeks) that fortunately has "kept it at bay" so it has not grown...
Although in order to be able to do any radiation treatments to it, the mass must begin to shrink to fit within the radiation "BOX dimensions".

After each round of Chemo they do a CT Scan to check it to see if it has changed, although to this point He has not been able to get any radiation treatment yet.

He has had many side effects to the chemicals used and needed blood transfusions and platelets. His Oxygen levels have messed up so he has portable tanks at home to use as needed. These drugs are just poison and make him miserable!!! Of course it took his hair too! But thats ok because now he just looks like alot of the rest of you old baldies! LOL

mostly now we need need prayers encouragement and hope!
Thanks for coming into see what we are here for!!
~Dawn 7/6/14