Homer Swap

This is a site for people to sell/buy GENTLY used or new items. This is a site to have FUN and so people can get rid of things or purchase things. There are a few simple rules that all members must follow;

1. Everyone will have there own prices for the items they are selling. It is NOT up to anyone else to let them know if there item is priced too high or too low. For example if someone is selling an item for $10 and you feel it is too high or have seen it cheaper somewhere else it is not up to you to state that comment on their picture just move on and look for something else. If I see that anyone has made a comment like this on someone elses post you will be warned 1 time and if it happens again you will be removed.

2. Respect each other. We are all adults so lets act that way.

3. Be honest about the description of the item. If it has rips or stains you need to specify.

4. Do not tell a person that you will buy the item if you are not going to purchase. Only serious inquires allowed.

5. When meeting up with someone, make sure you are on time and if something comes up and you can not make it please contact that person to let them know.

6. Only "bump" your item up every 24 hours.

7. If you have more them 1 item to sell please make an album so we can reduce clutter.

8. As soon as your item is sold mark "SOLD PPU" on your picture and then DELETE that item as soon as it is picked up.

9. COMMUNICATION is a MUST. If you comment on an item that you want it and then you don't let the seller know when you are going to pay for it and pick it up then they have every right to re-list that item to sell. The seller must make every effort possible(FB message or text message, phone call...if you have their number) If the seller does not get a response within 24 HOURS of the FIRST message left they can re post that item.

10. Please try to pay for and pick up your item purchased ASAP!!

11. DO NOT say that you will take something or that you want it if you are not 100% sure you are taking it. I have seen people beating out others for items and then coming back saying sorry I dont have the money or husband says I can't......If you do that you will be removed!!!

If you have an questions or problems feel free to contact me. Do not take it upon yourself to handle it. Please remember this is all in good fun!!

Happy Swapping:)